Samantha’s Senior Session | Maymont Park

Y'all... blogging is hard. Mostly because I'm just not in a routine. In college, I had an "everything" blog where I wrote all the time. I kept it up pretty regularly for a year before it fizzled out. But sometimes it's just hard to keep up with. Sometimes it's hard to think up what to post. But … Continue reading Samantha’s Senior Session | Maymont Park


Gallmeyer Pumpkin Patch | Mini-Sessions

Hey friends! Last weekend my aunt asked me to do some mini sessions with some of her clients and I have to say for a very muddy day, these turned out pretty good. It was a beautiful day (I'm talking, perfect weather -- not too hot, with a nice breeze) and the blue sky and … Continue reading Gallmeyer Pumpkin Patch | Mini-Sessions