Goal Digging 2018

So at the beginning of the year I posted about my NEW YEAR, NEW GOALS. It’s been a little over a month and I just wanted to check in with how I’m doing. My power word for the year is FLOURISH. And in the last month I feel like I have flourished a little bit. I’ve been learning from my KJ All Access subscription. Which is amazing and if you’re an aspiring photographer, or even an established photographer, you should look into it because it never hurts to pick up on tips and tricks and keep learning as you grow.

My first wedding of 2018 is done and blogged and just about ready to be sent off to the bride and groom. I’ve gotten a few inquiries for more weddings and booked some family sessions for the coming year and I CANNOT WAIT for those!

My blogging and business goals could use a little work. But that’s what these check-ins are for.

But I did want to tell y’all about one more goal I added to my list for the year. My reading goal. I didn’t decide on this until after my original New Year’s post. I was finishing up a book I’d been reading before Christmas… okay, it was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and yes, it was my third time reading it. But when I’d finished, I was completely overwhelmed by how much I loved reading. Anyone who knows me knows I had my nose stuck in books when I was younger. I loved to read, especially during the summers when I had absolutely nothing else to do. And then I realized I didn’t read much anymore except for summers when I went on vacation.

So I made a plan for myself… thirty books this year. That averages about two books a month except for the summer months of June, July, and August where I add two more books because I’ll have more free time to do so. Maybe I’m overreaching, maybe I’ll go above and beyond my goal. Either way, I want to try and just read more. And so far I’ve read three books and am on track.

So anyway, I just wanted to give a small insight into how I’m doing on my goals. And also just a little recommendation–if you’re a woman trying to break out into business, or if you have an established business, or even if you don’t have any interest in having a business, you should read Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba (pictured above). It’s a short and easy read. I finished it in two days and highlighted a lot of important words of wisdom and advice. It doesn’t just help in your business life, but in your personal life as well and features some pretty inspiring women. I’m willing to lend my copy if anyone is interested!


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New Year, New Goals

Happy new year! I can’t believe 2018 is already here! This past year went by like–snap–that. And it was a pretty good year for me. I started by photography back up again and really started to get serious about it as a business. I booked some awesome sessions this past year and for the coming up year I have some things booked–with my first wedding of 2018 coming up in just two weeks! I’m beyond excited, and beyond ready. I’ve been itching to take pictures since I finished editing my last session for 2017.

So with the new year obviously comes resolutions. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen my POWER WORD for the year is “flourish”, and so all of my goals for 2018 revolve around growing and flourishing in my business, as a photographer, and as a person. I have a long list of ways I want to flourish this year so I won’t list everything out, but I did want to share my BIG goals.

For my business, obviously I want to grow and book more sessions, but the only way to do that is to enhance my presence on social media. I want to be present more on Instagram, Facebook, and most importantly this blog. When it comes to blogging, my posts are few and far between but that is changing this year. I will post more frequently, even if it is more personal posts than photography at first.

As a photographer, my biggest goal is to just learn–from my own experiences, from other photographers, from webinars (and I’ve been signing up for every free webinar I come across!), etc. I want to grow and develop my style, as well as my equipment.

And finally, as a person, I want to grow as a Christian. 2017 was about my relationships. I got back in touch with friends I haven’t seen in forever, cultivated my close friendships, and even went on a few dates (but that’s another story for another time). But 2018 is about my relationship with God. I’ve neglected church, neglected praying, neglected reading my bible, and that all changes this year. I even purchased THE STORY OF REDEMPTION BUNDLE from The Daily Grace Co to help me dive back into it. And I’ve already made a list of the other bible study books I want once I finish this one.

So here I go into 2018 with big goals, big dreams, and a newfound motivation to GET STUFF DONE. Farewell, 2017. You were good to me, but 2018–as my coworker told me yesterday–will be “twenty great-teen.”