Julie + Rick’s Summer Engagement

My favorite things are good things that happen unexpectedly–a kind stranger holding the door open for you when you’re out somewhere, finding five dollars in the pocket of a pair of jeans you’d forgotten about, or having a coworker text you and say they may have a new client for you and wanted to know all of your photography information. (Thanks Lindsay!) So when I got that text, of course, I went into overdrive, sending her as much information as I could. And the next day I had a message from Julie, asking if she could book her wedding with me! It’s just exciting when things happen unexpectedly like that!

With Rick and Julie’s wedding coming up soon, we knew we needed to get their engagement pictures done pretty quickly. We’re only a few weeks away from October! So when I got to her family’s farm (where the engagement pictures were taken and where the wedding will be) I got so excited. I don’t want to give away a really cool detail, I’ll save that for the wedding itself–but I’m SUPER ready for it!


They wanted their fur babies in some of the pictures and while Duke loved the attention, Pete wanted to do his own thing.


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