Martinez Family Session | York River State Park

Hey y’all! I feel like life’s been crazy lately. Well, actually it HAS been crazy! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged a session, but I promise you this one is worth it. Sometime over the summer, Alyssa contacted me about a session to celebrate her little girl turning TWO years old! Of course, I’d seen pictures of Mila on Facebook, but it was so sweet to get to meet her, and see her mom again. It’s been about ten years since high school! How crazy is that?

So after some frantic texts (on my end, because I can be a control freak who doesn’t like plans to drastically change) about a new venue for the photos, we found York River State Park, where I’d never been, but was so excited to see! I met Alyssa’s husband Luis for the first time, met little Mila as well, and then the rest is what you’re about to see. Enjoy! Sidenote: I am obsessed with all of the pictures with Mila and the flowers. I could write a book called “Mila and the Flowers”!


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