Hatteras Island, NC



Hey y’all! This is exciting, right?! An actual blog for my actual photography. Why am I saying actual so much? I have no idea. Probably just because I’m really excited. This year has been absolutely amazing! I shot my first wedding since 2013, bought a new lens for my camera, attended my first styled shoot (EEP! I can’t wait to share all of the pictures with you!), and TA-DA established this big girl blog. My old blog was more for personal use, this one is purely for my business, with a few little side posts thrown in every now and then.

Such as this one. As I write this to you, I’m still reeling over the past week. Last Friday, I packed up (probably a month’s worth of clothes) and hauled it all to my bestfriend (yes, one word) Gentry’s house. You’ll hear me talk about her a lot. She’s basically my sister and we’re joined at the hip. It’s cool. And on Saturday morning, at 4:30 am we headed to the beach! I’d only been to Hatteras Island once before and it’s been about ten years, so this was awesome. We crammed six people and three dogs into a cute little house, drove out onto the beach every day. I got a major sunburn, but now it’s soaking in and my normally-porcelain complexion is a wee bit tanner. My mom even says I look so different now that I have a bit of color to my face. I just hope it stays around for a while!

While I was down there, of course, I took my camera, but I really tried not to have it out all the time. I really wanted to just have a laid back week. But I got some good shots, took some pictures on my phone, and while I was relaxing, even read three books. Three! Okay, to be fair–I finished one I’d been reading while I was at home, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’m rereading the series for the third time. But after I’d finished it, I read Lauren Graham’s book Talking As Fast As I Can. It’s a really cute memoir of her acting career, especially reflecting back on her show Gilmore Girls, if you’re really into it as much as I am (hint: It’s my favorite show). And then, I moved onto Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. All I have to say is AMAZING. And I will be watching the movie as soon as it comes out. And then on our last night, we went to Quarterdeck for dinner and as we pulled into the parking lot, I saw one of my co-workers there with her family. We both knew we were on the island the same week, but for us to actually run into each other accidentally–small world!

So… if you’re still here after all of my rambling, please enjoy these pictures from the week, the first few are with my camera — the ones I like to call professional — and then the last few are iPhone pictures.


Look at my beautiful sister from another mister!


We were laughing because of the mini-shoot on our deck. Someone mentioned the “engagement ring” shot and then… well, this happened.


We never pass up the opportunity to take a selfie!

Photo Jul 04, 5 12 42 PM

And sweet Miss Stella loved her vacation. No matter how tired she got, she still wanted to play ball in the waves.

Photo Jul 03, 1 30 49 PM

We headed to the point to check out this new Shelly Island that’s getting so much attention. We wanted to wade across but after hearing about the sharks and the strong current, we figured “mmm betta not”.

Photo Jul 07, 12 08 57 PM

And pardon the Honda, but I fell in love with these rainbow houses. I’ll move into that teal one, if you don’t mind.

Photo Jul 07, 8 10 08 PMPhoto Jul 07, 5 33 35 PM

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